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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cricket Cricut

Shhhhh! I bought a Cricut. Hubby thinks it is a "requirement" for my classroom not just his wife being weirdly obsessive about things. I am quite certain he is just humoring me and knows this is not true.

Kind of like when he had to buy that new video game because a man was holding him at gun point, and then there was this blinding light from above hovering over the store and an angel came and said "Go, it has arrived." That story still cracks me up and I am so not doing it justice. Good thing I think he is adorable and love him so much!

My boys thought I bought a cricket and wanted to know if they could go to a friend's house to feed it to his lizard.

When it arrived, they discovered my Cricut is a not a cricket! So instead they named my new toy Cricket. Ahh... the life of a mom!

And that is the story of my
Cricket Cricut!!

Isn't it cute! It is the Cricut Expression and it matches my classroom. See!... it really IS for my classroom AND I have not used it for anything but school projects to date.

Don't ya worry though... I am working up to it! I got it on sale for $117 at Amazon!!! Keep your eye out for deals on these. I am truly loving this little machine.

 It works with a 6x12 mat but it has the option to "fit to page" or to change from landscape to portrait mode to make bigger items. So far, it does everything I need and want it to and it is a lot cheaper than the $300 top of the line 12x12 machine. I have even checked for one used... they are still in the high $200's and do not match as well. Although white is one of my colors but never mind.

Here are a few tips I have discovered about this machine:
1) Wal-mart (I hate that place!) is currently clearancing out their Cricket items. Check there for half price cartridges, vinyl, and other supplies. The supplies are limited and vary from store to store. Note - they are not on sale online!

2) It does not like construction paper either. To soft and tears easily but only when using letters that are less than 3" in size. They are perfect as long as 3" or bigger.

3) Buy extra mats - you will need them. They lose their stickiness fast and then you run into the tearing paper issue again if working with small letters or designs.

4) The spatula is really not necessary; at least I have let to find a use for it

I am very excited about this investment of mine. It will be great for creating bulletin board lettering, labeling items, making cute projects I find on Pinterest, and I know I am only touching the tip of the ice berg on what this bad boy can do.

Look out world...
I am taking my crafting abilities out of the closet!

~ Cricut Machine (not a box of crickets!)
~ 4 extra mats minimum
~ Scrapbook paper

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At February 3, 2012 at 2:52 PM , Blogger Miss_Oakden said...

Hey. I've had one of these for about 3 years now. Theres a cure to the sticky-less Matt problem. Can't remember the exact details you might want to google them. Basically I tape off the areas that don't want to b sticky n spray with repositionable glue. You need to clean all the bits off first but I've not brought a new mat in 2 years

At February 3, 2012 at 3:49 PM , Blogger Mrs. Poland said...

Thank you for the great information. I found two great sites on this as well as youtube videos!

1 - This site has all kinds of great tips including how to resticky your mat!
2 - I have a fix for that Cricut Mat that has lost it's tacky. Use a baby wipe and remove any debris off mat. Take 1 Tablespoon of Aleene's Tack-It and 1/4 cup water, mix together. Use a small sponge brush and apply to the mat (1 or 2 times). Let set until dry. Walk your hands over the mat to make it (not so tacky). Michaels & Hobby Lobby carry Aleene's Tack-It.


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