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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss, Classroom Themes, a freebie, and an Award

I may or may not be addicted to all things Dr. Seuss. It may have occurred when I realized that 1 - Things in Suessville do not require straight lines. This is great for someone who cannot draw a straight line with a ruler. Nope... not even if you mark dots every inch or half inch or quarter inch... this is not the girl you want drawing or cutting a straight line for you. Nope.. not even a paper cutter helps.

I just don't realize it but I must have something against straight lines. Or perhaps it could have occurred when I realized the Cat In The Hat matches my color scheme of red, black, and white. My boys may think I have gone off the deep end and may need to be committed due to my attraction addiction no um...  well yea to Dr. Seuss.

AND TODAY IS DR. SEUSS DAY! Okay it is actually Read Across America Day but I read all the time. So do my boys so I may have changed the name slightly. I have been loving all the Dr. Seuss things I have found in blog land and on Pinterest. You should see my Dr. Seuss board! You should follow it too -- it is pretty awesome!

Today's plan - PAJAMA PARTY!! We are going to read all day long. Lots and lots and lots of books. Our goal is to read all of the Dr. Seuss Books. We will also label them and take them for a visit to the book hospital to fix them up if it is needed. We are making Ooblek. We are comparing how tall we are to my five foot tall Cat-in-the-Hat bulletin board figure. We will read more books. We will watch the Cat-in-the-Hat movie while eating popcorn. We will play some Seuss inspired games and draw pictures of us wearing Seuss hats.

Tomorrow's plan - SEUSSY FAMILY DAY!! We somehow talked hubby into going to see the new Lorax movie. For lunch, we will stop at IHOP for some Green Eggs and Ham or Truffle Tree Pancakes. Then we are off to heaven (as my littlest one calls it)... you may know it as Barnes and Noble. Shopping for books is a family favorite.

I am leaving you all a freebie later on today at my store.  Hint: it is Lorax related!

Previously, we have discussed classroom themes and my need for things to match. When I was deciding on a color theme, I needed something that I could change easily. It had to be able to adapt to a younger or older class (in case I ever got moved!) and it had to change as the years go buy.

Plus it had to allow me the freedom to change my mind and decide I no longer like Dr. Seuss and want to obsess about something else. Strike that last part... I admit to nothing!

My colors are black, white, and red... you would have never guessed that would you? Any ways... things I can do with this are:
~ Dr. Seuss (never saw that coming did you?)
~ Race Car (red cars speeding on a black road)
~ Pirates
~ Movies
~ Ladybugs
~ Baseball
~ Dalmatians & Firetrucks
~ Polka Dots
~ Mickey Mouse

Hmmm... what else is black, red, and white that I can use for a theme in my classroom?


I now have 61 followers and sold a dozen items at TpT!!!! WOW - I am still in shock. Who knew I was popular? Don't forget to enter my Giveaway.... I am really liking the prizes and wonder if I can enter it myself. After all, I follow me. =) I will be having another giveaway so stay tuned!


The amazing Ms. Shawna from the The Picture Book Teacher's Edition awarded me the Top 10 blog award. Really?? Me?

First off -- you all need to be following Shawna. She has an amazing blog about books and does all of our homework for us. If there is a picture book and you want a teacher's point of view about how it can be used in the classroom, Shawna has probably read it and blogged about it. She has won so many awards she has an entire page of them!

So according to the rules - I need to find 10 blogging buddies who I love and have not yet won the award to pass this along to. I need to Link up to the award, the original post, and proudly display my button.

So I am off to discover who I can give an award too but first Reagan says that I can come over to her school and hunt for leprechauns with her class!! I am so excited... the leprechauns left behind green glitter and footprints!

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