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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, Tag, Guests, & other Stuff

I really wanted to share with you all of my thoughts and reflections from my time in special education and am so happy I did! However, I have A LOT to catch up on... so this is going to be a long rambling post. So grab some chocolate and coffee and get comfy!

Have you all been to my new site you and clicked to join as a follower? Did you add your blog to our various linky parties? If you haven't you should!! 

I have been working with an amazing group of teachers and we have some exciting things ahead for you! I am still looking for people who would like to contribute to this great site, so let me know if you are interested. My email is on one of those pages up there (points to top of page.

Next stop... did you know that the Honey Bunch Blog Designs is giving away a free monthly blog decoration? Did you see my cute buttons over there (points at top of sidebar)?

You can get the Hoppy Easter one for free! So stop by and pick yours up! Oh and don't forget they are also having a giveaway for half-off of a blog design. Just click on this picture here:


Guest Blogger/Teacher Features INCOMING!!!  March I had so much fun with 6 giveaways! This mo
nth, I have a bunch of teachers I would like you to meet and afterwards they are going to share some wisdom of their own and a freebie! I have a few spots still open so if you are interested, send me an email (up there somewhere... I should go find it.)

 Did you notice I went MIA yesterday? 
Anyone want to know where I was??

 I was a guest blogger for Natalie while she was in Japan! Psst... there is a freebie!

I have been tagged.... then tagged again... and again.... and again! I think ya'll really want me to play. And so I shall. I deleted the repeated questions.

3rd Grade Thoughts 
  1. What is your favorite subject/unit to teach? Literature & Social Studies
  2. What is your favorite school supply? Anything that I can use to organize that matches my class
  3. What is your favorite non-teaching blog? My BFF's family site (invitation only)
  4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you visit? Ireland
  5. Have you ever made anything from Pinterest? Teachers Board How did it turn out? UGH.... =/
  6. What's your cure for a bad day? bubble baths & a good book
  7. What is one piece of advice that you would give to a newbie teacher blogger? be yourself!
  8. What's one item that is always in your fridge? fresh garlic
  9. What are your plans for this summer? nothing yet!
  10. What is one thing you never leave the house without? my phone

1. What is your favorite holiday project for your classroom? pumpkin book reports, adopt a peep, catching a leprechaun... so many fun things to do!
2. Which do you prefer reading/writing or math/science? reading/writing
3. What is your favorite piece of technology for your classroom? iPad
4. What was the last thing that happened in class that made you cry? Watching my ESS std being treated like she was invisible in a gen ed classroom.
5. Who is your favorite children's author? too many to choose from and it constantly changes
6. What is last song you listened to on your iPod or radio? I want candy (from the movie hop)
7. If you could go any where on a trip, where would you go? Alaska or Ireland
8. Which do you prefer winter or summer? winter
9. What is your most memorable teaching experience? Connecting to a student with multiple disabilities. She was labeled as unable to attach among other things and suddenly one day she walked up to me, gave me a hug, and said thank you.... then walked away.
10. Why did you decide to start your blog? I wanted a place to record my reflections and ideas and the great ideas I find. I also wanted in searchable.

1.  If you could live anywhere where would it be and why? I would live on a huge piece of land and have a ranch/farm in a place with four seasons and lots of trees and a river nearby. It would be about an hour from a city and about 30 minutes from a small town. Close enough if I ever need anything but far enough to enjoy the country.
2.   What is you favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Family time!
3.  What is the best book you've ever read and why? I really love The Cay. It is one of my favorites and my poor boys have heard it read aloud a dozen times over. There is so much one can learn from that about character.
4.  What is your favorite classroom book and why? This changes regularly... I get bored with the same thing over and over again.
7. Which blogs do you stalk routinely? yours, the science penguin, zombie math, Farley, Joy in the 6th grade, Buzz with Ms. B, What the teacher wants, Mr. B's Beach Brains...
9.  What grade do you love teaching? 3 & 4
10.What is your favorite animal? don't have one

2. What is your favorite drink? hmmm... white chocolate mocha from starbucks or sweet tea
6. What is the name of your favorite font? CK Constitution
7. Do you wear a watch or not?  yes If so which wrist? left
8. Gold or silver? silver
9. What is your favorite TV show to watch? I watch whatever my family is. I don't watch tv when alone. Currently we are watching Game of Thrones as The Walking Dead is over.
10. Dog, cat or other? Dog

Here Are The Rules:
* Answer the 10 questions that the tagger posted for you
*Create 10 questions of your own to ask the people that your're about to tag
*Tag 10 people and link them with your post (and let them know they've been tagged!

My Questions: 
  1. What is your favorite recipe? 
  2. Where do you find resources for your classroom? 
  3. Name 3 organizational supplies you can't live without.
  4. What are your favorite colors?
  5. What is your class or personal motto? 
  6. Do you use the common core standards in your classroom? 
  7. What are your thoughts on whole brain teaching? 
  8. Name 3 things the you need most for your classroom.
  9. What do you do to celebrate a big accomplishment?
  10. Are you/do you plan on becoming nationally certified? why or why not?

TAG! Your it!

The Teacher Wife

If you have already been tagged, my apologies. I tried to find new people to tag. =)

And I must be really loved as I won another award!
3rd Grade Thoughts

Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts also awarded me:

Thank you!


So there you have it! The LONGEST post ever!!!
 Happy Easter Everyone!

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At April 8, 2012 at 12:34 PM , Blogger Amy said...

Wow you are super woman!! I am impressed you answered all of those questions :)


The Crazy Adventures of a University Graduate
The Crazy Adventures of Two Quilters

At April 8, 2012 at 1:33 PM , Blogger Christi at Ms. Fultz's Corner said...

Look at you answering all of those questions! I hurried to post mine the same day in hopes of not getting tagged a bunch, haha. =)

Christi ツ
Ms. Fultz’s Corner

At April 8, 2012 at 5:48 PM , Blogger Elizabeth said...

Yes, you are loved :) You deserve TONS of awards :)


Fun in Room 4B


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