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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Let the March Madness Continue!

My good friend over at Dandelions and Dragonflies has decided she could not be left out of all the fun I am having. So, we are giving away a set of her Kinsley Buckets - personalized any way you choose! Just look at how cute these are!

Sharpen & Broken

For Vocabulary Words

Simple Tag

Markers & Erasers

There is so many things that you can do with a set of these. I love them!! I planning on ordering a set or two for my own room from Jessica! So how do you enter this giveaway? Each of the items below is good for one entry - please leave 1 comment per entry.

~ Follow this blog and Jessica's blog
~ Like Quite a Pear on Facebook
~ Leave a comment suggesting one new product idea for Jessica to make
~ Blog, Facebook, or Twitter about this giveaway!

A winner will be drawn on April 3rd by the random machine and announced on April 4. From now until April 3, Jessica is also offering $2 off any order you place. Just mention Think, Wonder, & Teach when you place your order!

This is the end of my March Madness.
Seven Giveaways in one month!
Thank you all for joining in my fun!!!

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Friday, March 30, 2012


So... is anyone interested in learning who won the 31 bag??

Drum roll please.

From The Crazy Adventures of a University Grad!


Don't forget - you can still order your own 31 items through my special link until midnight tonight for an additional $2 off! Thanks to everyone who entered!


Classroom ABC's

I have seen many versions of classroom ABC's posted around the blog-o-sphere and on Pinterest. I created my own version as I thought it was a brilliant, easy way to help parents and students remember the classroom expectations. In fact, I made my own version on my classroom website.

In one of my classes, we were asked to create a brochure teaching students about responsibility and respect in the classroom. I decide I would also present this in an ABC format so that way my students can easily remember what is expected of them. I am thinking of making a few tweaks to the information it contains and then sending it off to Vistaprints for printing. I want it to address both parents and students.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Tips for Creating Products

Opening up a TpT or TN store is not as easy as it sounds. I need to learn not to trip over my own enthusiasm when venturing into new territory but that would require patience. I have patience... sometimes... when I want to.

However, when I am excited, excitement wins out over patience! This resulted in a lot of lessons learned by experience. Here are my top 10 things I learned about creating and selling products online!

10. Saving as a PDF: I I use publisher to create all of my products. It is very easy to use (if you can use PowerPoint you can use Publisher) and it was designed to make products for print. There is a size limit that you can upload to the stores. If you do not want to sit around watching the circle spin for what seems like hours -- save as "MINIMAL" or else find some chocolate as it is never gonna happen!

9. Covers are important! You know the old saying "never judge a book by it's cover" and how we ALL do it anyways? Well... the same thing applies here. A pretty cover will get a product sold. Buyers figure if you care about the cover you must care about the content. Throwing a product on without a cover - I wish you luck! Sales will be slow if you are lucky!

8. We love free! Who does not love free products? When creating an item as a freebie make sure it is the same quality of work as your for sale items. Instead of using Google docs to give the item away, post it as a free product at your store. It will increase your traffic and get increase those who follow you there.

7. Giving Credit where credit is due! I am great at citing references when writing but I have never cited references fro graphics or fonts. This is a big no-no! I just purchase, download, and save onto my computer. Then build, save in publisher, and away I go. Now I am editing after scouring my favorite font and graphic stores trying to locate where I got something. UGH! Take it from me -- save in folders by designer not by season/subject. It will save you a ton of time.

6. Promo Page:  The second page of your file should always be a promotional page. A copy of your header or button should be the main feature as well as your blog address. If someone prints out your work, you want them to know where you got it from.  Another good thing is to add a foot with your blog information.

5. Editing Required: Before listing your product for sale, give away a few copies and ask those peeps for feedback and editing. Doing this BEFORE you list it and not after will save lots of work re-uploading. It will also increase your ratings and decrease the annoyance level of your purchasers.

4. Keyword Optimizing: When creating a description of your product, include the name of your blog, a detailed description including a table of contents for large packets. Suggestions for use and grade levels. In addition, promote additional like products in your store.

3. Promotional Blogging:  Never just pop an item into your store without promoting it on your blog. You can do this while searching for volunteer editors or discussing upcoming events at school or whatever. It does not have to be a big obvious sales pitch, a minor mention will be sufficient.

2. Copyright Searches: When you name a product, do a google search prior to naming it to ensure you do not infringe upon anyone's rights. You will be amazed at what is copyrighted. I know I was when a product of mine was deactivated for infringement. OOPS!

1. Be Yourself!  Do not create a products simply because you saw a similar one for sale or it seems to be a popular thing to have on your site. Create products that you use and love!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Blogging in High Heels

Guess what???? 
Today, I am guest blogging at 

Little ole me let lose on over 2,000 followers! I am so excited! I had to get dressed up to write this post and put on my most favorite pair of heels. Come on over....

If you are from Teaching in High Heels.. WELCOME to Think, Wonder, & Teach! In celebration of my high heels... I have a few special gifts for all of you. These offers are good for today only!

From Think, Wonder, & Teach (That's Me!)
A free copy of I Spy Time!

The 3AM Teacher
From The 3AM Teacher
A sample package of clip art from her 'Telling Time Graphics' collection!
Yes... that's right... FREE CLIP ART!

From The Honey Bunch
Schedule your bloggy makeover before April 1 for $5 off!
Erica is a new designer but her designs are amazing!
 She is the face behind my blog, 3-6 Free Resources and so many others!
Don't forget to enter my very 31 Giveaway
For your chance to win an organizing utility tote!

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I opened my email this morning prior to running out the door for an IEP meeting to email my instructor a link to a blog for a strategy that I used in my practicum. She wanted to know where I learned such a wonderful thing!

And I found this...


Dear Misty ----
Your are cordially invited to join Kappa Delta Pi....

What does this mean? 

I am in the top 2% of my graduate class
the top 10% in the nation!

The one day I do not wear waterproof mascara and I am tearing up. I am speechless. I have no time to comprehend what this means - my kids need me so I head off to school.

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